Thanksgiving Ordering

Fresh Diestel Turkey

Diestel Range-Grown Turkeys are, in our opinion, the finest turkeys you can buy. These turkeys are tender, juicy and full of old-fashioned flavor because they are raised humanely, free to roam the clean Sierra Foothills.

We have the largest Diestel hens available and the only ones to offer oven-ready turkeys in the area. Plus, we unconditionally guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, or your money back!

Turkey Sizing and Servings

Hens Toms
12-14 lbs 6-8 People 26-28 lbs 20-25 People
14-16 lbs 8-12 People 30+ lbs 25-30 People
16-18 lbs 10-14 People  
18-20 lbs 12-16 People  
22-24 lbs 16-22 People  


Online Ordering is Sold Out

Please inquire in-store or call for availability.